Through our experiences working with business leaders and organisational teams to develop a shared understanding around the authentic reality of their businesses, we continue to observe the nature by which the experience and deep understanding of the business informs the leadership’s subjective lens, distorting the reality in which they operate, and obscuring the opportunities within.

Subjectivity, diluted by anecdotal information fueling the perception of the simplicity of the business, the market, the opportunities, and the challenges, shapes the view of the business as simple.

The underlying complexity, which becomes concealed by the day-to-day experience of business-as-usual, continues to deepen and evolve, like the root structure of a large tree, from the surface, a trunk appears as a simple structure, but under the surface, however, the root systems are spread deep and across multiple structures which sustain the health of everything above.

The real friction when businesses transition from small, to small-to-medium and beyond is a continued approach to larger business problems using a small business lens, when the business grows up, and resources are extended, and extended again, well beyond their designed application it creates an impairment in decision making. The wrong questions are being asked because as the symptoms are being felt, the root cause lies much deeper.

When did you last take a pause to stop and re-assess the business as it is today to reveal the complexity within?

As the business grows, and capabilities, services and products evolve, the systems, resources, processes, and technology need to move in parallel, with a maturing approach to investment, efficiency, quality, and customer experience that are required to grow up in line with the evolving business need to effectively support growth.

Working to understand the nature of the business as it is today, unpacking the fundamental dynamics of the business, the processes, technology, and customer value is the start point to navigate to a new direction, the next chapter of the business journey.

If you don’t know where you are, how can you navigate to where you’re going?