Annually amongst the broader business community, it’s the most repeated topic of conversation heading into the November and December period, businesses all around the country are “putting things off” until next year.

It seems like an Australian tradition that somehow for Q2, businesses accept and even encourage the delay and stay of decision-making and new commitments until the forward year. 

How can you afford to wait?

With the throttle being seasonally softened to the background of the imperative to increase growth year over year, it’s like a paradox.  For many sectors, December and January are the slow months of the year, and somehow, it’s acceptable? A missed opportunity

Now is the time to ramp up, so that even as we embrace the pause of the holiday season, we don’t lose pace, because it will cost you if you don’t. This is the time to set up success for 2023, addressing, acknowledging and acting on key strategic objectives, not delaying them.

And while culturally, many organisations want to wind down, the truth is, we’re only halfway through the financial year. We should be gearing up, so we carry the momentum through to the half-time break, because we’re a long way from the siren of full-time on June 30.

Don’t misinterpret the value of taking time off and winding down at the end of the calendar year to reset and recharge, it is essential for everyone to take a break. The challenge for many is that the wind-down process starts in late November and doesn’t wind back up until well into January, don’t let that be you.

So as you’re approaching the end of this year, genuinely ask yourself if you can afford to “put it off” until next year. You know the answer.

The real question is, what are you going to do about it?