Leaders, You’re Getting in the Way: Overcoming Avoidance and Indecision

As leaders, we often pride ourselves on our ability to make tough decisions and drive our organisations forward. But the truth is, many of us struggle with avoidance and indecision, consciously or unconsciously holding ourselves and our teams back.

The Cost of Avoidance and Indecision

When we avoid making decisions or put off tough choices, we may think we’re buying time or avoiding conflict. But in reality, we’re making a decision by default – a decision to stagnate, to maintain the status quo, and to limit our potential and the potential of those around us.

Indecision and avoidance can lead to:

Breaking Through the Barriers

So, how can leaders overcome avoidance and indecision? Here are a few strategies to help you get out of your own way:

Unlocking Potential

When leaders overcome avoidance and indecision, they not only unlock their own potential but also enable those around them to realise theirs. By making tough decisions and providing clear direction, leaders can:

Recognise the patterns of avoidance and indecision that hold you back, and take action to overcome them. By doing so, you’ll unlock your own potential and enable those around you to shine. Remember, the decisions you make or avoid making have a ripple effect on your organisation and the people you lead.

What will you decide?

By James Orr